4 Pakistani Reactions to Valentine’s Day

When it comes to V-Day the immensity of the shit I do not give can not be expressed in words and I really do wish that’s how people would behave like, celebrate it, fine celebrate it no one will stop you don’t shove your horrible love poems and chocolates down someone else’s face. It’s annoying, similarly no one really cares about your opinion about the day and why you choose not to celebrate it just get on with your lives. Anyways –

(I have not made these up it is literally what people have been saying for the last week or so, I hope they read this and realize how annoying they are and

a) Proceed to never open their mouths again.

b) Eat their internet connection. Haramkhors the lot of them.)

1. Religious Police –

Really if you have absolute 0 understanding of Islam you would know V-day really isn’t really that applicable this is exactly why you need to shut up and stop telling people to not celebrate it.

2. The Love shouldn’t be restricted to one day –

I just have one thing to say to this lot you know the prince charming you’re waiting for, he’s not going to be a prince charming he’s going to be ugly, and annoying.

3. The Pindi Boys

I pray every day for them (and me), just maybe their life might get some much needed perspective, I’m one of them there’s no doubt about that.

4. And yes

Too lazy to correct grammar and I have a midterm tomorrow, this is what procrastination does to you. Prayers would be appreciated, when you’re praying don’t go like

Please God, let the pindi boy/hamster pass his exams.

Use my real name? Please?  Thank you.

27 thoughts on “4 Pakistani Reactions to Valentine’s Day

  1. haha.. brilliantly spot-on, & that “my mom is my valentine” tag doesn’t only apply to The Pindi Boiz! it’s rapidly spreading universally now.

  2. Haramkhor tere abu yeh bullshit dekhne ke liye tumhari tuition pay karthe he?! Gtfo off the Internet before I get Bina Shah to eat you for real!

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  4. love it😉
    for the people who says love shouldn’t be limited to one day: well it isn’t really. vday is just giving them couples a chance to do something “different”. besides, i’m pretty sure you all celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. why restrict those bday presents/wishes/anniversary specialness to one day? :p give presents every freakin day and empty your pockets :p
    for the people who bring in Islam: im sure you dont say anything to couples all your round, its only valentines you are concerned about (uuh, yeah i can see how lonely you are on the day) .. and im sure you dont say anythin to yourself either when you watch half naked/naked girls on t.v.. afterall, they arent haram

  5. i repeat again. V R muslims. V must not celebrate v-day. youknow if i wasnt on fb or using the internet i would have not realized it was 14 and something special happens on the day.

  6. salaam..may Allah guide and show u all the ryt path..
    Dearest friends…
    Its not a bida’ ah or innovation.
    Those people got it all wrong.
    Its copying the kufaar..and it comes under that particular code of rules in social ethics of Islam. Likewise, b.days, anniversaries, easter,halloween,diwali,basant r disliked or shunned. Need to be thorough wen ur being so argumentative. Kindly consult the Holy Quran before u open ur ignorant mouth or type ur uneducated comments.
    Thank you.

    • Salam,

      I think you misunderstood the sarcasm, and you failed to read the beginning lines where I said it has no basis of it in the religion. If someone wants to take part in it let them it is their choice and Allah will judge them and not us.

      May Allah guide us, thank you for your comment. =)

    • Do not impose your ideologies- that is where you get it wrong. This blog consisted of a variety of interpretations, representing a broad-minded approach as compared to your narrow-minded approach.
      Moreover, I wouldn’t call myself HEIDI as that just reminds me of HEIDI KLUM who happens to be a MODEL and KUFAAR.
      Ok, the last bit was lame. But it had to be said.

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