4 Party Supporters you’re likely to see. (Comic)

There are normal sane people and then there are people with political affiliations.  They will drive you mad and not the good kind of mad, the mad where you want to rip your head off. They will give you their views even when you don’t want them and they will give it to you in a way that you never forget them.

Anyways, here

The PTI Supporter –

Now I’m all for Imran Khan, I like the guy and that’s really enough for me. But some of his supporters are like those guys at High School reunions that you’re always looking to avoid getting in a conversation with because life has been tough on them the past 10 years and you’re worried they’ll drive you insane.

The PPP Supporter –

The PML – N Supporter –

Sorry Lahoris/Punjabis you know it’s true.


The MQM Supporter –

This is the comic that made it out of the censoring I did after I was done with it. I’m sorry, there are causes worth  dying for and this isn’t one of them so yea I might have decided to go easy on them.😛


That’s pretty much it.


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31 thoughts on “4 Party Supporters you’re likely to see. (Comic)

  1. Hey hamster, I came across your blog this Friday and went through all the posts in like three days straight. How khwaar:/ But i gotta say. U. ARE. ENDEARING:) Love love love the way you write! Keep the humour intact😉

  2. Haha, lol. Funny hai! The only thing that took a bit of the post’s sting out for me was that I’d read two of the four comics from your Page, lol! You should really be more mysterious.😛

  3. Typical Qatil League propaganda… Nothing about the fauj. Quelle suprise…

    And for your kind information N league has non-Lahori like that bald Faisalabadi guy; oh, and Rana Sanaullah too… Punjab FTW!

    Also, this is not trolling.

    p.s. mubarik ho on your new frandship😛

  4. I have nothing to do with Pakistan Politics. Infact i don’t understand my own countries politics but….IMRAN KHAN!! *dances in circles*

  5. What is this non sense hindu illuminati freemaysun hannuman blog which wants to spill bad beans on imran khan. Imran khan is the future leader of pakistan and how could you embarass him lyk that. lets see when he comes in power and choke slams people like you off this earth.

      • Ohh this is pretty good, I disagree with the bit on how no religion tells us our purpose but overall yea completely agree with the soul/body part and how Pakistan has completely stopped thinking. The soul is one of the most neglected things in the world especially in the secular world and well Pakistan as well. Outwardly some of us will appear to be the most religious and moral type of people ever but the reality of our soul is like that of a raging animal just looking to find it’s next piece of meat. We give no importance to it and instead end up worshiping our own ego. (There’s a great book on the study of the soul and general basic science http://www.amazon.ca/Science-Cosmos-Soul-Pertinence-Cosmology/dp/1851684956 if you ever get the time I would definitely recommend reading it if only the first few chapters.) I could go on and be more boring but yea we’ve definitely stopped worrying about the soul – this is a really good talk on it

        (Also sorryy for the super late reply!)

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