Slackistan – Comic Review

Every now and then there are movies you see that make you want to rip your eyeballs out and eat them. Slackistan was that movie for me. I won’t make a funny analogy here or anything but it’s the worst movie I’ve ever seen. It’s like handing a camera to a bunch of guys and telling them to record what they do all day and then make it into a movie.

Slackistan has done one thing well though it’s made sure the minimum amount of Pakistanis actually get to see this movie because it’s that bad. It’s living off hype and that’s it. If you like Slackistan then you’re mentally not well. I fail to understand how anyone can like this movie so on with the comic review, I tried my best to make it funny but the movie was so bad I couldn’t use it’s gaping holes in logic to my advantage.

From the horrendous script that had lines like

Islamabad is more expensive than New York.

To the horrendous child like actors that acted like they were injected with a dose of polio before the movie so anyone expecting bol like humor I’m sorry it’s not that funny and that was just a one off movie with a one off comic strip.

So here’s the review  and everyone involved with the movie I would suggest finding proper jobs. Your parent’s money will eventually run out one day and Slackistan won’t be covering for the bills.

(Ignore grammar errors too lazy to correct them.)



Last note as this is my site – If you liked Slackistan then please go fudge off to somewhere if you leave a comment and I reply you’re just going to embarrass yourself.


34 thoughts on “Slackistan – Comic Review

  1. OMG! This is one messed up hotchpotch of muddled wannabes. You should’ve written, rather drawn, this review earlier. I mean I’m still in awe.. acting like Lesbians at “Hotspot”.. makes SO much sense!

  2. Brilliant. Just, brilliant. These people are extremists in their own way. Slackistan crew has just outdone Taliban in stereotyping our image in the International community. Taliban & these people represent at most 3% of Pakistan. Apparently we moderate Muslims of the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” aren’t considered a part of this land.
    Great work, man.

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  4. now wait a minute…

    Are you sure you aren’t making it all up….?

    Has such a movie described/reviewed by you, really been produced….?

    If the answer is yes, a grim sadness is already taking over me, cause I would rather consider believing reports of UFO landing on shakar parian and abducting a chat wala than witness such demise of IQ in our people! ah, but that shouldn’t be the only indicator of it…right!

    Great work bro.

  5. what i couldn’t understand was how a young rich pakistani who was a filmaker had not heard of torrents. he asked his brother to send him the movie he couldnt find at illusions. ALSO WHO THE HELL ASKS ABOUT FLAVOURS AT HOT SPOT. sorry for yelling, but seriously!

  6. i have only seen the trailers and was expecting something like that. Very well described and very well executed. Amazing review.i guess u highlighted every part that every person in islamabad would have after watching this weird piece they call “production” ..

  7. Fine, it might have been a bad movie, but there’s nothing ever been like this in Pakistan, so what are you comparing the film to? The Usual Suspects? Pulp Fiction? I’m sorry, but as bad as the film may have been [which I thought it was decent considering it was an indie film with a low budget and very talented actors – at least Saad and Shehryar], it’s the first of its kind so you can’t really call it bad. You kinda’ have to praise it for making the Pakistani indie film industry progressive,e specially since a film in this genre has never been released. I mean there’s one thing giving a film a bad review, and then there’s personal attacks and assuming stuff which is exactly what your comic does. Very immature of you. And trust me, this whole comment is unbiased. That’s my 2 cents.

  8. Slackistan wasn’t a revolution! It was JUST A REALLY BAD MOVIE. As exaggerated as the comic strip is, IT STILL IS A BAD MOVIE. Geeeez.

  9. Kill me!!! I am the one who uploaded the torrent to BTJunkie for Slackistan!

    p.s: i uploaded it to share with my friends who do video editing to make sure, AISEE GHATYA CHEEZ NA BANAY AINDA!

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