I’m Hyper and it feels good.

I’m really hyper right now and I’m laughing like a 17 year old teenage girl. I don’t know why but I can’t stop laughing I want to stab a teddy bear with a tooth brush and laugh at the bear for no reason. The hyperness comes from The Nandos chicken I ate today probably. It was the best chicken I had. I wish I could take that chicken out to a casual dinner and then seduce it and then eat it. It was probably the fasting that made it taste so good. I don’t know but I’m really hyper and this post is out of no reason at all. Maybe it’s a midlife crisis as I’ve turned 20 and have accomplished shit all and get that feeling that life is really short. I don’t know all I can say is I’m hyper.

It’s 2 am and when I wake up tomorrow I will probably regret a lot of things I’ve said to people over the last 4-5 hours but I’m hyper and I want to call people out for their shit. For the false images they create and then I want to laugh because I don’t know I’m in a laughing mood. I think what actually made me hyper was the ice cream I had, they call it mama’s ice cream. Going by the name you would think it’s made from breast milk but that’s not the case probably because that would be weird and sick. But it tasted  really good. So as long as it tastes good it’s good for you.

That’s the only rule you should have in life. Anything that tastes good is good for you. You won’t probably live long but you’ll live a happy short life of good food and good indulgences and if anyone calls you fat tell them their anorexic figure won’t really get them anywhere and then laugh at them for they’re the product of society or some deep shit or the product of nothingness. I read the word nothingness a couple of hours ago now im lost in it. What is nothingness? Is it like jumping in a black-hole? I don’t know. It’s just cool or something. I’m assuming this is what a happy hangover feels like instead of having a huge headache you feel hyper and cheerful and slightly depressed mixed with the right ounce of sadness (no im not making pakistani powerpuff girls) and instead of craving coffee you crave a good tranqulizer shot that will put you to sleep for a good 3-4 hours and you’ll wake up in a peaceful and tranquility filled mood. I don’t even know if tranquility can be used in that sense and I don’t really care because I’m hyper and that’s all that matters. I’m smashing my keyboard keys like hulk right now. This is the first time my chubby fingers are showing my emotions,  right now that I’m hyper. I think you’ve figured out im hyper and I really think this is turning into a nervous mid-life crisis because I think 40 is a good age to live up to so this is mid life and it’s a mid life crisis because I say so even though im not going through any thing if you think im too young for one you’re wrong, because I’m hyper and I think I should shut up now because this pointless post couldn’t get anymore point-less. I’m just going to get lost in the nothingness of stuff and some other shit etc etc.  I don’t really know where I’m headed but it should be fun and as long as it involves food im looking forward to it because I’m hyper.


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This isn’t a proper post and I’m being a drama queen. But it’s fun and funny and im laughing.

11 thoughts on “I’m Hyper and it feels good.

    • Aida tu sensitive. If you do end up going to mama’s ice cream i suggest getting a large cup (hah no pun intended) and getting the french vanilla and vanilla twix flavors.

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