On Lt Yaseer (Shaheed)

Lt.Yaseer’s martydom is sad and heroic. He is a hero and a martyr and I wish his family patience through this horrible and trying time. In this post I’m going to highlight reasons why I believe he should not be recommended for a Nishan e Haider. This is my personal opinion not an attack on a person who’s death is being glamorized to a mass extent by the media and I believe we as humans beings should let him R.I.P and you may totally disagree with it but here goes.

If you read up on all the 10 recipients of The Nishan e Haider you’ll find out that all 10 of them showed “extraordinary” (emphasis on extraordinary) bravery/heroics and gave extreme damage to the enemy that too on the battlefield (again emphasis on battlefield). Now the details of Lt.Yasser’s martyrdom are unknown at the moment but I personally believe he does not fit that category. There are parties that say giving him The NH will be acknowledging that this war is ours and our men are the ones fighting it. In that case every Martyr over the last 4 years should be given The NH especially (I’ll state two examples) Captain Najam and Captain Junaid (Shaheeds, May they rest in peace) who were captured by the Taliban and were beheaded but before they died they took on about 8 taliban fighters and broke their necks before eventually embracing death.  This is one of the most heroic stories to come out of The so called War on Terror but an appeal for them to be given The NH was no where to be heard (I pointed this out earlier and got that their family background wasn’t as glamorous as a reply).. My point being Lt.Yaseer’s martydom is not the first nor will it be the last of such incidents. There will be 100s if not 1000s more deaths like these in the near future at the rate we’re going. And whether you see it or not The discussion of him being awarded The NH is less about his heroics and more a cheap tactic by the government and army to take the attention off them.

My final point he was not the only martyr on Monday. Put his background on the side and judge a man as a man and every martyr whether he is a Captain, Lieteunant or a Hawaldaar is equal and every single one of their deaths should be equally mourned upon. So if you’re going to give him The NH. Please give everyone else who’s put his life on the line on this war one too. It’s only fair.

May They All R.I.P. (This post may sound extremely insenstive and I apologize if it’s offended anyone.)

Others to be martyred in the attack. May They All R.I.P

6 thoughts on “On Lt Yaseer (Shaheed)

  1. I agree. He wasn’t the only one who died that night. Many others did. Why are there no events or pages for them, praying for them to RIP?

  2. good post. I salute his courage but at the same time, i dont think anyone knows the name of the other junior-commissioned (idk if thats the correct classification) officers who also gave their life under Lt. Yasir’s command. THAT, to me, is extremely insensitive.

  3. When I was start reading first paragraph on that time I was totally disagree with you, but after further reading I realize that you pointed very nicely the at the government & political parties, to give NH to Lt. Yasir that people will forget all that deceitful attitude to government & military also.

  4. So true, that is exactly what i was wondering during this media hype. What about those 4 Rangers that dies? Or the soldiers that die fighting against ‘ the taliban ‘ everyday?

  5. You would be criticized horribly, might be hated by a few too if they end up reading this. So would I, for posting this on facebook for everyone to read.

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