Pakistani Pet Owners.

I’ve never been a huge fan of anything that moves other than humans. On my 18th birthday there was a cockroach in my room and I started crying and ran out screaming for my dad (What? I come from a very emotional and dramatic family) safe to say those were the worst 10 seconds of my life. There’s suddenly a rage of everyone getting pets these days it’s not common here or I’ve just started to notice it now but pakistani pet owners are increasing and they tend to creep me out.  A lot.

The single girl with the adorable kitten hiding her guy issues using a cat –

(I’m not singling anyone out here or maybe I am.)

I’ve seen a whole new fad starting with girls. Since they can’t date or find a guy, why not go out and buy a kitten instead (usually white, innocent looking and adorable with all the characteristics of what they want their imaginary dream guy to be) . They treat this kitten and they love it and they want nothing in return. Just something they seem to think that actually cares for them but doesn’t and if you don’t appreciate their kitten they think you’re a heart-less $#@$@#.

Girl: OMG isn’t this kitteenn absolutely adorable and cutttteeeeee

Me: Reminds me of your face. Ugly.   (This was not my actual response.)

Possibly the worst doodle ever. My doodlist has left me.😦

The Family with The Guard Dog-

I hate guard dogs. Because they’re ugly, they’re huge and if they had the chance they would probably kill you and you would be pretty helpless at the end of the day. They also don’t STFU. They keep barking and barking and just don’t stfu. They remind me of a certain friend he/she too also doesn’t stfu. I hate him/her too. (Not giving the gender out you’ll say I’m sexist.)

WTH is even happening in this photo?

The Family with The Pet no one else has

They’re like the Goths of the pet owners. They have to do something which is not normal. When everyone is buying cats and dogs they’ll go out and buy a cockroach and a mouse and try to make them mate with each other. Why? Because they can. All their twisted fantasies which they can’t really fulfill themselves. They’ll make their pets do it.

Say No To Animal Abuse. (No photo here. It’s better if I leave the space empty.)

That’s pretty much it. Back to the old theme the new one was just too meh for me. Also been posting a lot the last couple of days because just seem like writing a lot these days. Might not be up to the mark though.

Also Facebook page something interesting might happen there in a couple of days  what  exactly I’m not sure of yet.😛

11 thoughts on “Pakistani Pet Owners.

  1. I hate pets too, all animals infact…and babies.
    And stop stereotyping girls being into cats, i know guys that love their cats and i’m pretty sure their not gay.

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