Stereotyping Pakistani University Students

I’ve been going to University for about a year now in Pakistan and I’ve come across a lot of weird stereotypes. A lot. They range from the flirts to the theetas to the emotionally fragile to the psychotic to the downright weird and to the quite brilliant (me my friends, etc.)

As is it comes naturally to me to stereotype almost everyone I meet, I’m going to stereotype here and divide most of these people into classes.

The Pindi Boys-

These dudes enter university for one reason and one reason only…. To find a person of the opposite sex. And they fail miserably.

Their reason for failuire lies behind a lot of factors.

1) Studying in an all boys college all their life.

2) Being forcibly tied to a chair and forced to watch Barney all day. (Did I mention Barney? Screw Barney.)

Also the fact the only other female contact they’ve had with is probably their mom. (No not their sisters. They probably have trouble talking to their sisters as well.)

So watching them maneuver around and trying to find a girl is pretty hilarious at times. Guility Admission I love watching them do what they do watching them get rejected is pretty epic.

There are also Pindi Girls not dedicating a separate heading to them… Let’s just say their the opposite of Pindi Boys. Longing for male attention. Both of them are made for each other.

The Theethas-

These things… What are they? They’re usually the ones doing The Med or Engineering majors. Their life consists of one thing and one thing only getting a good gpa. They are anti-social slightly psychotic and not to be messed with during exam days. They are extremely skinny, wear glasses and you can see nerves popping out of different parts of their bodies, (mostly their arms as a result of playing with themselves too often.)

Most of them get perfect GPAs some of them, get really crappy GPAs which makes you laugh at them. A lot.

The Ladies Man –

This guy only has female friends. He roams around in groups of 5-6 girls walking around like he’s some type of stud.. No dude you aren’t a stud.. You’re gay. They think they’re awesome and their life is fulfilled because they have a lot of female friends. They watch a lot of Teletubbies and their favorite Teletubbie is Tinky Winky.

In any other part of the World a guy hanging out with a bunch of girls means he’s probably gay not a chauvinistic stud.

That's how I roll bitches!

I feel sorry for this lot. (Most of these guys are business students. Couple of engineering students as well)

The Lovers –

They’re like Pindi Boys but they actually succeed in finding that one girl. And from there starts the endless cycle of watching them and a random girl get all romantic in public (for the next 4 years. It usually lasts 1-2). You know I have no problem with them having a girl. In fact I would be grateful if they found me someone.. But it gets pretty repeptive

The Smokers-

They smoke.. A lot… They have this special place near and outside The University where smoking is allowed. They will always be found, there.. Smoking… A lot. The amount these dudes smoke isn’t even funny and ever since I’ve started university I’ve been a passive smoker (second-hand smoker) *Cough* You know who you are *Cough*

And finally then there’s me. I’m perfect. Women run after me. I ignore them. My GPA is about 5. (Yes 5. If you add them all up from all the semesters :D)

On a serious and totally humorless note- I’ve always thought about Universities and Higher Education as more of a learning experience and getting some proper knowledge before I started but after starting here it’s anything but that. Some of the people I’ve met and the so called ‘activities’ they indulge in and their mode of thinking and what they think is ‘cool’ is sad.

That’s basically it longer post than usual.. My writer’s block just might finally be ending.

22 thoughts on “Stereotyping Pakistani University Students

  1. I am glad how this post has some thinking process and it has not been written in 5 minutes. You are improving *Pats on shoulder* Well done.

  2. LOL – You did it again, absolutely BRILLIANT!!!

    ‘They watch a lot of Teletubbies and their favorite Teletubbie is Tinky Winky.’ was The Best.

    And, doodle is perfect.

  3. *(mostly their arms as a result of playing with themselves too often.)*

    Killing :=P
    Brilliant piece boy… truly depicted the Uni atmosphere.

    Apart, regarding your last para, its been a year or so since i passed out from engineering uni. but dude believe me university life is the best part of your life, these four years are too much to be remembered throughout your whole life. And based on my experience i would like to give u a advice that don’t spoil these years in studies only. Spend a balance life, do involve in extracurricular activities, not like u discussed here, but like I/O sports, Competitions (both related to field and else), and in typical chichori language…meyla pana =P…spoil others valentine, celebrating days…and blah blah…hope u get the point…

    and sorry for being Emotional….


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